Exploratory Search and Personalisation (ESP) group


Exploratory search seminar

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Lecture 1 (keynote)
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Lecture 2 (keynote)


Exploratory search: From finding to understanding
Exploratory search: Beyond the query-response paradigm

Bandits in Recommender Systems

RecSys Slides
Bandit Algorithms in Information Retrieval

Topics in Cognitive Modelling in Interactive Information Retrieval

Lecture 1 (pdf)
Lecture 1 (keynote)

Lecture 2 (pdf)
Lecture 2 (keynote)

Paper suggestions:

Interactive information retieval:

Introduction to information retrieval
Methods for evaluating interactive information retrieval systems with users
A systematic review of interactive information retrieval evaluation studies, 1967–2006
A survey on the use of relevance feedback for information access systems
Implicit feedback for inferring user preference: a bibliography

Conferences: SIGIR, IUI, CIKM, ASIST
Journals: JASIST, IPM

Cognitive modeling:

Bayesian Cognitive modeling: A practical course (many citations on pages 9-11)
Models of categorization
Bayesian methods in cognitive modeling

Journals: Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Trends in Cognitive Sciences (reviews)